Walking fish down river on the Mac

Headed out in the boat to the Mac today with my buddy and his son. I really wanted to get the kid into some Steel so I did the majority of my fishin from the sticks. With little luck for the kid I decided to rig my trout rod with a lure and give it a go. Few casts in and BAM... fish on. I know I only have 6lb line so I gotta take it easy + I pulled a dum dum and forgot my net. So I switch seats with my buddy and tell him to get us to a bank but there isn't a bank in sight. So I proceed to walk this beauty down the river for 1/2 mile or so. We finally get our bank in sight just past a nice set of rapids. I hop out real quick and thankfully she is tuckered. What a trooper...
that is an excellent fish....GREAT JOB:clap::clap::clap:
Nice fish man! Anyone else notice that you seem to catch more fish the less prepared you are?
Sweet bro.....way to walk it out and work it out:D
Dandy fish!!
What an experiance! Nice fish!
rippin fish lips
nice lookin fish!! If you don't mind me askin, what part of the river? u can say from boat ramp to boat ramp if u would like.
Thanks, Tanner
Great fish and great post. Thanks for the fish porn. ;-)
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