Umpqua River


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Fished about 12-5, I stopped counting at 40! Biggest one was maybe 2lbs though.

Didn't take a lot of photos, spent a lot of time practicing paddling through current.


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A buddy and I made a trip out this last Sunday for an afternoon on the river. We lost count after about 20, and ended up keeping 5 around the 1 1/2 lbs mark. Rubber baits seemed to be the trick. I tried a couple of different worms, but the ticket seemed to be a rubber smelt/fry with a dark top and silver belly. I could see some pretty decent sized fish down in the bottom, but I could never get one of them to strike.


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Went out again yesterday evening. Only about a dozen or so this time using the same rig and ended up keeping 1. I remembered to take a picture this time.


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We fished the Umpqua yesterday we had two bites one at 19 the other at 24. luckily the one bite at 19 stuck and my daughter got her first Chinook salmon. The best part for me she got it with her great Grandpa 87 years old, my life long fishing buddy. Plug cut herring lime green fish flash 8 oz of weight right on the bottom. We saw one other fish netted, the fish checker said they only saw one other fish besides ours as of 1 pm.

That is way better than we did today. One on at the end of break wall/start of half moon bay. It shook the hook at the boat, bummer! It seems real slow from what I gather. Anyone have any additional positive reports?


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Had a great float today with my buddy. Got my personal best, dark, but a big one. My fish came on bobber and jig, buddy got his on a side drift yarnie. Didn't see any other boats. He lost a nice one at the boat.

Have fun!


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Nice fish and the smiles tell it all! Looks like your dark one had a run in--prior to meeting you--with a bird of prey too. And I ain't talkin' about a Klingon vessel.


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Holy cow! Now that is an awesome day of fishing.

Looks like your dark one had a run in--prior to meeting you--with a bird of prey too. And I ain't talkin' about a Klingon vessel.

I was wondering if that was a prop mark. The lines look so straight. Could have been a Klingon vessel after all :)


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Wild fish in the main Umpqua don't get to go home so this one went back. Went over to the North to try for a keeper but caught two wild steelhead instead. Still no groceries.

This my earliest springer ever and my first Umpqua system springer so I was pretty stoked. She fell for a back trolled plug. Not huge, about 14lbs but really fresh and fiesty.

I was alone so crappy pic....again.

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