Umpqua River


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splashed the drift boat at Sawyer's rapids at 10:30. Done by 1:30 with at least 50 to the boat Kept 2 for some pickling, the rest went back. Mostly small males, but we had a few good size hens Below the rapids .green and pink were the colors,. HAVE FUN!



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Great report and pic as always Whip. I know the sturgeon guys love shad for bait but I wonder it the smaller ones would be good for lings ?

Dan B

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I typically don’t fish but love to take my boys fishing, I’ve always heard that while they may not be the best eating fish Shad are a fun fish to catch. Is it too late to fish for Shad on the Umpqua or are they still running?

Dan B

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Thank you sir! If you don’t mind let me know how the fishing was, I’m going to try to take my boys next weekend.


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My buddy and I went out to the main Umpqua and did some smallmouth fishing last Saturday. We had ourselves one heck of a evening. We both tried a couple of different lures, and ended up settling on shad pattern rubber baits. We came home with these 3, but both of us ended up landing about 20 or so a in the hour and a half we were there. Hoping to make it out again this weekend a couple of times.



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I have never eaten a largemouth so I have no idea. They are on my list of species to try and catch. My buddy and I grew up trout fishing, and are just starting to figure this whole bass thing out.


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I've only eaten a few. We focused on Crappie usually, but the few I did have were pretty good

Other than saltwater stuff....snapper, mahi, wahoo, etc...


1 of the best trips i have ever had,Joe Mello is a top notch guide we hooked 10,landed 7,thanks again


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Got on the water around 9:30 after my buddy had to drop the kid off at school. Took a while to get on them ,but once we got located it was a pretty steady bite. 1 double .Some nice hens mixed in with a few SMALL males. Kept 3 for pickling and shad roe cooked in home cured bacon greaseIMG_5695.JPGase.Have fun! Chartreuse was the hot color
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