Trout stops Central OR

I am driving to Bend next week from Portland...going over Mt. Hood. I'd like to make a couple stops along the drive to try and catch a couple. Does anyone have any suggestions for quick access spots to pull over and bank fish?


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Just after going past the casino and across the Deschutes hang a left to Mecca Flat Campground. It is just a mile down the road. I am pretty sure it is BLM and no fee access. We launch our drift boats and catarafts there. Public bank access there. It is artifcial lures only, so take along your spinners or fly rod. Wild trout there, so one fish slot limit. Go small on the spinners for trout, literally a size 0 in Mepps or Panther Martin. For flies up there, a size 16 prince nymph is always a good starting point. I would take along a heavier rod and size 3 or 4 bluefox spinners to throw a couple times, too. The steelhead are moving up from the lower river now. There is bound to be a few up that far by now, too. A long shot, but worth a few casts. Report back and let us know how you do.
Thank you for the tips. I decided just to go with the steelhead rod for a couple hours. Went with the Blue Fox as well as a Heddon lure (black with some silver). No action at all, but the guy at the Deschutes Fly shop let me know that some have been catching a few steelhead on the Blue Fox. I need to spend a whole day or two out there to find some good spots as I didn't have the time to do a lot of walking.