Trout rivers in Douglas County?

Do any of you have any recommendations for trout rivers in Douglas county? I fish from shore and generally use bait. It seems that either you can't fish them, can't get to them or you can't use bait. I would love a river where I could just walk it for miles hunting for trout.

Thanks in advance. This is a great forum.
Try this...

Try this...

I don't get to fish down south often,but this might help with the info. has info on most of the rivers and lakes. Let us know how you do. By the way,welcome to the forum!
Throbbit _Shane
Theres Calapooya in sutherlin. I fished it in oct. didn't catch anything but its a nice creek. Also i dont know the regulations for it.
Mad dog
The north Umpqua above soda springs dam, especially the portion above Lemolo reservoir in kelsay valley. a lot of the other high elevation streams that drain into the north have native rainbow or small brookies as well.
Looks N Fork Smith River and Smith River tributaries, Calapooya, and Cow Creek in the Umpqua drainage are where you can fish for trout and keep 2 per day. I didn't search much, but Douglas Country streams seem to mostly be in crisis.

And bait fishing for trout in streams is pretty much not possible these days.

If you travel north on I-5 one county, you'll find more friendly streams for trout fishing, even if you want to use bait. Heck, very close to Douglas County are the headwaters of the Coast Fork Willamette... I found fishing from London Springs up to where it splits into Big and Little to be quite pleasant and full of native cutthroat. Above the falls on Big, the fish are small, but still plenty of fun and you just might find a large one up there.
Thanks for all the help. I should be hitting a couple of these spots within the next month. I will let you all know how I do.
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