Too low,then too high,


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but tomorrow its gonna be just right..:pray:

Putting the boat in and gonna pound a coastal river into submission...Should be lots of fish and I feel like a little kid that can't wait...

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Look forward to seeing how ya do. I'm going somewhere Thursday but the boat is staying home. Maybe next week I'll get in a float.


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Good Luck Santiam, I will be over playing bank maggot. Hope the conditions are better than what I found today.


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It was touch and go there for awhile,but the river finally beat us into submission..:shock:

Really a slow day today...6 other boats on the same float with about the same results...One had a fish,the others had touched one same as us..While it is fishable,there is still a lot of water rushing down and a lot of work running plugs..

Think I will wait until Thursday before a try to whip the river again..;)