Timothy Lake 5/21/2016

This morning I decided to head to Timothy Lake to try to catch some trout. I heard that they had stocked it a few times recently but I catch fish there almost year round and don't necessarily coordinate my efforts with the plantings. I arrived at the lake at around 9:00 and already saw that there were plenty of bank anglers and large power boats fishing the deeper water by the dam. The parking lots were filled with trailers and guys either launching or pulling out. Everyone looked pretty miserable, but I couldn't tell if this had to do with the fishing or the miserable weather (it was in the mid forties and raining).

To cut to the chase, I soon launched my little 8' yellow kayak from the shore and started trolling a frog flatfish along the shoreline. Most of the wild trout in Timothy Lake are found along the stumps and shoreline structure in shallow water; fishing in deep water with downriggers is usually a waste of time unless you're targeting the kokanee there. I fished up into the north arm and caught several, but by that point the wind had started blowing extremely hard and the water got really choppy. You wouldn't believe me if I said that there were whitecaps on Timothy Lake, but me and my little yellow kayak were getting thrown around back and forth at the mercy of the wind. I probably spent more time rowing back to the dock than actually fishing, but I caught plenty so I wasn't complaining. :D

timothy lake bow 3.jpg

timothy lake bow 2.jpg

timothy lake bow 4.jpg

timothy lake bow.jpg


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I can attest to the white caps at Timothy Lake. I brought my kayak up there about three weeks ago, and due to Timothy Lake deciding it wanted to be an ocean, all I got out of the trip was grilled hot dogs at the shore :p Nice fish!
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