This lure is on fire!

When buying a Bic lighter, I usually just grab a plain one 'cause cheap and boring suites me just fine, but this time I figured the extra dime was gonna be well spent.


Black spine, silver scaled pattern with holographic finish, looks plenty fishy to me!

Once it's empty, I figure drilling a few well placed holes for some split rings and hooks, and I may be onto something. I'm really curious to see what kind of action it's gonna have on retrieve. Maybe put a bill on it. Best of all, if I lose it, it will only have cost $1.59!

Maybe I should suggest this to Bic as a new marketing direction. First they'll probably just think it's crazy and only offer to pay me a percentage of the profits, but then it will blow up big, and 'I'll get filthy rich, and then I'm gonna get a nice boat and fish all day then go back home to my new sprawling riverside estate cause I'm gonna count all the chickens before they hatch!!
::Howard Dean scream::
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Here's something I did back when I was a kid, I fished a dock somewhere in missouri. I've used charging cables or just regular rope. Worked great for crappie and bass right off the dock with the line tied to my fingers. Good old Days!


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Who needs yarn, fur, and feathers when ya have rope and wire?! Haha. Use what ya got! Those are awesome!

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We never knew their were things such as flies,jigs and soft plastics. It was pretty fun inventing things like this. We only knew how to fish bait. mostly minnows,crayfish,worms,bread,corn and mostly anything we found. I remember the first time I saw this guy fish the lake with spinners and jigs I came up to him and asked what he was doing. her said im fishing? lol I asked him why are you throwing metal things in the water . He then explained about how bass find these attractive and gave me a whole tackle box of lures,soft plastics,hooks and his old spinning setup. I asked him if he wanted to fish on a boat with me and we went in our small boat and I showed him all the places about what kind of fish hangout where. It was one of my favorite days in my whole life. Simple times were good , when we used a simple worm and caught all sorts of fish. now days there are so many options to fish. Amazing how times changed.


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Wow---reminded me of something I did in 1972. My mother had some earrings that looked like little copper leaves of a plant. They were about one and a half inches long and curved. I stole one (borrowed) and put a hook on it. I caught the H*** out of trout in Burney creek in N. Calif. I was 17. My uncle in law owned Vaughns Sporting Goods in Burney. We were going to start trying to make and sell them but I, like a doofus, lost the thing in Lake Shasta. Tried diving for it but never found it. Put a big spinner in front of your BIC with a short wire harness. Bet you anything it works!
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