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I tied up a nice fly last night to take to the Sandy River today. I weighted the fly with several wraps of lead then added a beefy set of dumbell eyes. So I get to the river and begin to worry that the fly might be to heavy and Ill snag the bottom for sure. I make several cast and all is well but I still worry about sagging the bottom. I'm carefull and if I feel a bump I raise my rod. Then it happens I wind up the spey rod make a nice long distance cast and stick the fly in a tree limb that is overhanging on the opposite side of the river. So much for snagging the bottom. I had to laugh at myself. At least I can still see the fly when ever I go back there!;)
ROFL yeah i know that one... I can tell you exactly where are least 2 dozen of my flies are.. and they aint in the box with the rest. Also know a few places where a nice Steelhead Stalker or Thill float may be found.

If you aint losing gear.. then it isn't in the right place..

But man... fish dont live up trees.
Whoops. The best laid plans of mice n' men, eh?
They should put warning labels on spey lines like they do for ammo: Range 5miles be careful.
Bad Tuna
That's good comedy right there. Thanks for the laugh.
I bet we can hire a monkey to fetch the 3oz 'fly' you tossed across a fairly wide section of the sandy... all in all a good day.. at least we didn't leave any in the bottom of the river this time!
Haha, good to see some things don't change. Thanks for the giggle...
At least I am not the only one. I can show you spots in AZ lakes where there are at least 15 $10 crank baits in mesquite trees along the bank. I know I put them there..LOL

Funny how a a treble hook will stick in a tree, brush, clothing, flesh or car upholstery, but a fish can come unbuttoned in a heartbeat

Great Post !!!!
Nice to know I'm not alone! Eggs and I hit the Sandy today and I showed him that fly before we hit the river. He was there to see it hanging from the tree like a Christmas decoration too, along with another one of mine. He didn't loose any. Now that just not right!:D
What do they say if you are losing gear, you are fishing where the fish are?? Soooo 20' up and across the river in the trees?? I will have to remember that spot...

For me, I just wasn't fishing where the fish are since I didn't loose any flies, but I did snag some other peoples mono that was lost on the bottom of the river..

Ohhhh and Lonn keep your chin up, you got a free bobber and 15 cookies!
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Sounds like a fun day all in all. I need to get out there some more even if I do leave a fly in the tree.....:D
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