The year long skunk is finally over!!!!

After fishing for a year with not one steely to show for it it finally came! 3 on friday -1 was a 12# nate, one broke my line 2' from the bank and one 5 or 6 # keeper then 2 keepers about 6# each on sunday! IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!!!! My buddy with the same pathetic record hooked a huge keeper on sunday too about a 14 pounder! My first steel!!!!! Pics will be coming soon but I'm at work and pretty slammed right now, just had to share with everybody here!!:dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:
Right on!! That's awesome.
Way to go man!! Ya kept at it, that`s what makes a good steelheader, persistence.
YeeeHaaaaw! Good on ya!
Way to go bud!!! It's been a long time since we met up on the Wilson...... I might have to start travelin up there again. Keep it up man.
any pics?

any pics?

Good hookin'! Got any pics comin' up?

excellent job,,,,,,,,not giving up made you a dedicated steelheader
rippin fish lips
nice job! keep at it.
I will try to get pics up today I have to get them off my phone. Thanks for the support everybody, I was almost broken! I would be embarrased to say how many hours I have put in on the water without one steelhead or salmon but I will say it was a lot! I said a few times that I was done, I can't take it anymore, I'm the worst fisherman on the planet! But I would be back the next day or the next week at it again! This made up for it all, the fight with that native was the funnest thing I've ever done! I wish I had a pic of him but I just have a pick of the first keeper and I'll get it up ASAP. By the way I figure my 3 keepers come in at about $150 a pound! Worth every penny!
Haha self caught steelhead...the most expensive fish in the northwest.
congrats!!! but we want to see some pics!!! thats a great feeling it doesn't it?
Way to go! Both of you!
Who's counting pounds? Congrats, man. Gives me courage to take my first casts for the big fish. Cheers!
I'm trying to add the pics but I can't get them small enough. They were taken on my phone and for some reason they are huge! any advice?
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