The perfect winter conditions for the Wilson

Casting Call

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The next two days are no rain, overcast, and the river is on the drop at the right level and the temp is perfect. Time to git'er done. If you should see a super small motorhome stop and say hello. Tony


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I hate this wet weather even thougn it’s perpect for fishing.Have a good time and I will stay at home.LOL!!!

Hooked Up

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I might get out there mid-week, how high up are you going? Was at Jones Creek yesterday afternoon without any luck.

Casting Call

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H..Up Higher up, around elk creek campground area. Thanks for the report on JC. I am still looking for a river gauge around Elk Creek that reads 8.94. Get my point? I never seen it that high around Elk Creek. Tony


I've never been at that hole when fish were in it, but that's quite a nice area to hang out and fish a bit!