The last mile


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First trip of the year for me...Floated my 2nd most favorite float...Its a long one and you can't dally much..LOL The first 7 or 8 miles a lot of water frothed and just a tired downriver summer to show for it..But things turned on the last mile going 3 for 4...Run out of daylight or we would have worked them over more..;)



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Wheres all the other purdy fish photo's that I seen? Nice minty fish Bill! Way to bloody up that boat after you got it all tuned in.


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First boat in this morning and the last boat out...Most everybody passed us fairly early in the drift...Going to a fire I guess...LOL

2 for 2 today...Worked hard at it too...

Gratuitous OFF sticker pic..:lol:

I started it off with a nice 7 pound buck..

Then Brother Ken connected on a beauty of a 12 pound hen....

2013 is off to a decent start...;)
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