Ten minute limit

Went chasing the chromers off the bank again. This time i went with a buddy. bout 4 or five cast and ten minutes later he had his limit. Nice n heavy hen with a good eatin size buck to go with her. good times!. Caught both chromers with one stickleback jig tipper. I went to toss out the jig tipper he caught his first fish and my buddy said what are you doing?, thats good for another fish!. guess he was right two cast later nother steelie with the same jig tipper. gunna have to fire up the smoker!.

I can see it now, Guide service 'Ten Minute Limit', with the slogan ''Easier than getting it from the market'' :lol:.

Thats just plain out crazy, nice job to you and your buddy.
Nothin wrong wit dat!!
Mad dog
Nice!!! :clap:

Personally, I would have let the 2nd one go and kept fishin'....might have caught a 3rd or 4th on that same jig! Hate to quit after 10 minutes when they are biting like that! :D
Thanx, not to do the salesman thing but ya have had more then a couple of days fishin like this after we started using this bait on our jigs!. The best one yet is at the start of this winter we caught all species that run up our river in one day bank fishin. chinnok, silvers and limited on steelies!.all with jig tippers and chrome candy. after that we figured ya we might be on to somthing with this bait. but ya today was a sweet day!
Nice fish!
Awesome 10 minutes bud. I love the pix with the steelie just under the water.
really nice fish and cool shots, that bait always get em doesn't it?
Thanx moe, ya sumthin bout the way it wiggles and the flavors thats in it they gotta eat it!. hope to get out a least one more time before the water comes up.
Bad Tuna
Gotta love chromers on a jig!
Wow nice fish man. I can't wait till i get my first steelie.
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