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What is the hook size used for the Small lip Bass and the larg lip bass because all the fisherman that I have talked to are using a 2# hook for plastic and both larg Mouth and Small lip bass. I am used to fishing the Calif Delts and we always used bigger hook hook for those Larg lipped bass as in a 4 and 6# hook for plastics so a 2# hook just seems to small or am I wrong.


I mostly catch smallmouth on local rivers and ponds , nothing big some up to 2-3 lb is counted big in what I catch. I use small hooks the same size you would use for crappie becuase they have smaller mouths than largemouth. Largemouth are easier to catch because they have mouths and you can throw bigger baits.


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Are you a bot/spammer?
Wondering that too; as he doesn't know a smallie from a bucketmouth. Nor does he know that a size 2 hook, is larger than a 4 or 6. Certainly inexperienced, at best, IMO. And aren't "delta" bass, actually sea bass (a different specie than smallmouth and largemouth)? LOL
Not trying to roll the dude if he is legit, but all he does on any board is ask questions in odd syntax and never responds to anything. Not hating, just curious. A totally unaccountable mixture of knowledge and cluelessness delivered in semi-engrish.

Whatever, I guess. Not my deal.

God, I need to get out more.



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Hi there GlennMc7. Nice to hear from a fellow Sacramento River Delta angler. I used to live down there and fished it a ton. Some of the best Largemouth Bass fishing in the country there.

In fact, the striped bass in my avatar picture was caught on the Sacramento Delta, right there by the Martinez Bridge. My brother in law and I were anchored next to the Mothball Fleet when I hooked it. One of my larger stripers.

One of my close friends is a fishing guide on the Delta. We were fishing together there one day and he landed a 12.5 pounder. I was astonished when he was so casual about it. Being a once in a lifetime fish for most anglers, I asked how many 10 pound plus fish he had caught. He responded, "13....so far this year." That was in April of that year, so he still had 8 months to go.

Are you still in California, or are you based in Oregon now? What kind and size of fish are you catching? I would be glad to share my ideas if you don't mind telling more about what you are fishing for and in what type of water (lake, pond, stream, large river). You get the idea.
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I just found a link on another site that confirms this dude is up to tomfoolery. I am now officially of the opinion that this guy is a tool.

I would be happy to apologize if information to the contrary presents itself. :popcorn:


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Yep fished the Delta for years,mostly Big Break,Antioch,Pitburg,Martinez,Soo-Soon Bay but I am in Oregon As of today I live in Dundee right next to Newburg. Anyways from Bobby Berick to Ish Monroe who I personly know use a 6# to a 8# Wide gap hook for Largmouth so why not here. From everyone that I have talked to they all use a 2# hook which just seam's dam small as a Largmouth is a Largmouth no matter where it is so is there a reason why a 2# hook is even used up here.


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I don't base my hook size on whether I am fishing for largemouth or smallmouth. I match the size of the hook to the size of the plastic bait. I have a bunch of worm hooks of different sizes jumbled together and try to pick out one that looks about right for whatever piece of plastic I want to fish. When I am fishing a Carolina rig or texas rig I typically use offset shank worm hooks in the range of 1 to 2/0. I also have a bunch of finesse type hooks for when I am whacky rigging or nose hooking. I usually do not know exactly which size hook I am fishing - just that it looks like the right size for the bait.

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