T-bar on sliding swivels


That little plastic bar at the top, what is it for?

I got a pack of these sliders for my springer setup and am tempted to cut it off 'cause it just seems like an unnecessary snag point, but I want to know what purpose it does serve before I do so.
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No idea- I always cut them off..............
I freaking just asked this of three guys behind the counter at a fishing store. They didn't know the answer either. I don't want them to feel shamed so I won't mention the store, but it rhymes why Misherfans.

(Those guys are always great, by the way. If they don't know the purpose, it doesn't have one.)
In my experience, it is there to foul your mainline. Cut it off.
It's so you can make the slider not slide. Half-hitch some mainline around it to keep the slider in place.

Back when I used sliders I cut them off.
Casting Call
Casting Call
Hey Jabs It's a good snag point! Depending what type of fishing you intend on doing. Half hitch, loop wrap, cleat wrap and figure 8 wrap. They all have different apps depending on conditions and type of fishing. My fav is to use the snap on the hook leader so that the fish slide with the offering up or down to a barrel swivel stop with a no drag run and self set its self when the tube slide comes to a barrel swivel and picks up the weight that is at the end of the mainline with a sudden stop. Now you have a fish at the end of you line with the weight and slide just above the mouth and drags the fish towards your reel and keeps the mouth open and drowns the fish with excessive water. Works great on bottom feeders,cats,carp and dinos. Hopes this helps.Tony
martin s.
down on the gulf, we used that to hang the baited hook with a long leader making it easier to cast. as the bait and sinker hit the water the hook slides off that T bar.

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