Summer chinook


Went out yesterday to scout some water for the summer run. Water was really high but color was decent. Found a nice spot along the shoreline about 18' of water. Not but 5 mins in the water and BAM. Fish on! To my suprise it was a chrome bright 22" Jack. I was just planning on a nice catch and release day but the salmon gods blessed me with dinner. The rest of the day was on fire. I must have found the seam because I had 3 others to the boat, all released without harm. Two other takedowns I missed. All in all an awesome day on the water. Can't wait until it opens Wednesday!
Well I was technically fishing for summer steelhead ;). I was fishing a U20 and the old men were fishing spinners. You can keep any Jack you catch regardless of whether that section is open to retention or not I believe. I was with several old timers that were very careful to make sure my fish was not a millimeter over 24". The summer fish are beautiful, they all had sea lice! almost needed sunglasses just to look at them. Looks like they may be good sized this year also. The fish released were all around 18 to 25lbs.


sounds like fun i will be out there thurs!theres 2500 plus a day going over the dam so the river is full of fish! and can only get better!does anyone one know if we can keep the sockeye?
were you on the washington side or ore? and what color u2?
thnkz boberdown
We were fishing on the washington side just a ways above the mouth of the kalama. Using a silver U20 that I painted myself. Floresent pink on bottom with blue and green dots with black highlights. I put it out as an experiment and it got all but one of the fish. Hopefully it wasn't a fluke.


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There's no better feelin' than to catch fish on something that you designed. Great job!
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