Sturgeon slow bite

hit the willy today, rained cats and dogs. Sturgeon bite was slow managed a few shakers...and this 40"er on a sardine.
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way to get out in the rain and get a few! Did you keep this fish?
Nice fish, I watched a boat on the columbia hook shakers all day from my vantage point on the roof I was working on. Made it hard to work all that catching going on!!
yep i kep in, gonna eat some tonight.

mostly shakers biting, marked big fish but did see a a handful of keepers caught and a 9-10 footer(which was released)
Throbbit _Shane
nice fish buddy!!
thanks, it was crazy, she was wrapped up in my freinds line...was sad because though it was an oversize.... but nope i was just fighting his led weight as well so i got to go home with some meat!
Nice fish man!!! I hope someday i can catch some sturgeon and try that meat i have never ever try it and many people saids YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU MISSING!!!
thanks waco....its true you dont know what your missing, great fight too!!
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