Sturgeon fishing


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Went out for a few hours and caught some shakers. Everything caught and released. Anybody else know where I can catch and release sturgeon? These dinasaurs put up a great fight, the tug is the drug!

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Casting Call

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Amen! THE TUG IS THE DRUG. Try Warrington near Astoria on the big C. Be sure to check the regs. Gear-up heavy for poundage. Tony
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O. mykiss

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I have caught lots of sturgies from kelly point park about 50-100 yds up from the Columbia. I’ve also caught fish from the island upstream from cedar oak boat ramp and from the bank at George Rogers park upstream up Oswego creek. Try to keep them in the water as much as possible, they are big fish and they are not built to support their own weight, the water supports them. Good luck and have fun!
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