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Just purchased the little lady a new trolling rig. 8'6" medium/light, blue diamond rod, and a Magda 20dx reel. For the life of me, I cannot find a travel case for rod & reel. Lots of them for fly fishing stuff, but nothing for a bait cast outfit. I bought one for my salmon mooching rod and reel at GI Joes about 3 years ago. Its 54" long and holds my 2 piece rod and Garcia Ambassaduer reel just fine. Anyone out there know where one of these animals might be found? I checked all the usual places, Bass Pro Shop, Cabelas, St. Croix, etc., but no luck. The brand on mine is Mountain Cork, and even their website doesn't show one. Let me know if you have any brainstorms, o.k.? Really don't want to spend more than about forty bucks. Thanks in advance. Ol Tymer
Try Joe's?

Try Joe's?

ol tymer;
That is a surprise. I assumed they were easy to find. Since you got yours at Joe's,you may have luck there. I know, they are closed. But I was really surprised to find their website still online. This was two days ago,so you might want to check it out. I got a couple at Sportsmen's Warehouse,now Wholesale Sports. I haven't checked their website yet. Hope you find one.
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I've bought one at Wal-mart before.
Bro u could make a case outta plastic PVC pipe. Put end caps onit & make a handle if'n u want to........................:D

some rawhide tied on wood make a handle................:cool:
Did you try Clear Creek? I wonder if a dual rod case or one of the soft cases would work? Worst case scenario you can buy a case for the rod and a smaller case for the reel, I guess?
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Bass pro shops online bro.
Second the homemade PVC pipe option. Foam pipe insulation sleeve to protect the tip & guides.
Work great...

Work great...

I have one of these and it holds two fully set up rods and reels.

i use a plastic foam lined rifle case, bout 20 bucks at big 5. loosen the reel handle so it folds over, break down the pole and it should fit. i have 2 5-5 1/2 foot ultralights and a 6 ft medium action rod n reels ready to go.
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