Storm front prosperous not only for chinook

Filled my black tail tag this morning around 8:30. Hale, extreme rain, and wind got some deer in motion. Stopped him with an impromptu deer "bleet" and drove one through the chest at 100 yds +/-. Im going to say atleast 6 rigs drove acrost the top of the clearcut he came in, none giving more than a passing glance. I walked down through the the cut and he was over the horizon line that you couldnt see past on the road.


* Side note!!! On the way out of Fall Creek (trib of the Alsea) I stopped to check out the falls and was delighted to watch salmon take flight at about 3 second intervals, definatly put on a push up river!
good job on getting out of your truck! nice buck.
Nice one dude!
Nice buck. Yea, if you are willing to get out of your truck, you leave 95% of Oregon hunters behind.
Nice Fork n Horn.
steelheadstalker31 said:
Nice buck. Yea, if you are willing to get out of your truck, you leave 95% of Oregon hunters behind.

youre exactly right, if the road hunters new how hard it was spotting a deer in a reprod, they wouldnt even bother slowing down when theyre driving by. good job on the buck, the rain didn't seem to bring them out over here in the santiam unit. my wife and i spent the first 3 hrs of the day sunday hiking around, and didn't even see a track. maybe next weekend. Brian
From a not so much of a hunter view point....that is a nice head... kidding aside that is a decapitated head you got there. I'm sorry That's awesome congrats. Were I to hunt I too would have to chop off it's head and be saying the same thing....OMG it's a head, it's head, I don't know......

Fish, we don't often keep the heads....

Seriously tho thanks for the disturbing image... I'm just kidding, that is awesome, do you have any pictures when it's sleeping?
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Heads are standard equipment with deer. I suppose there is a shock value there, all it is to me is dinner.
Honestly, it's awesome, I am closet envious, and I'm a little OFF at times...... I was just messing around with the fact you are holding a severed head.. LOL

That's a nice buck, well done!
Nice buck. Yeah it pays to get out of your rig and check things out. I can think of 2 deer I have shot where people had gone right by them not even bothering to check out the area.
RunWithSasquatch said:
Heads are standard equipment with deer..

that is hilarious:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
that is of very questionable taste holding the cut off head out there like that. kindda smacks of jihad beheading. tk
leave the guy alone, he got a deer, hes proud of it, and hes nice enough to show us a picture, hes not getting prepared for some voodoo ritual, hes filling his freezer. when you get an animal home its important to remove the head and hide so it will cool. sometimes the head is the only thing to get a picture of. nice deer. Brian
lol i am glad for the guy!!
Haha I can't believe this thread is still going...
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