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Welcome to the site! Ya there's tons, and it's a huge river so without more details I doubt you'll get much of a response.


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The fish are all over, like T.b said wing dams are a great place to start. The program doesn't start for another month and a half or so though. You might want to make some practice runs to try to figure them out. They can sometimes be hard to catch in the numbers you would need to make any money off it. They'll take just about any bait you throw out there, you just gotta find em. The guys who make money at it pretty much all fish from a boat so they can cover more water but still most who go at to make some money rarely come away with more than a pack of smokes and twelve pack.


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Where and what are wing dams? yea i didn't think i could make a living but thought i would camp out for a few days and give it a try. The first closest check in station is rainier, is there any wing dams close there.

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Wing dams are current deflectors used to make a channel in the river. They can be found on Most places on the colombia, Just look for wooden Pilings sticking out of water. Those are wing dams.
And I think the top earner, Made $57,772 in 2008. But this guy only goes to bank to use the restroom or get more bait.... And hes not a lucky joe either, Ive fished with him many times and he definetly knows what hes doing...


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Send me a pm if you ever head up that way, Squawfish can be pretty tricky sometimes. I catch them out of Mill Creek all the time, and they normally average 16 inches, some bigger, some smaller, I don't think the Columbia River would be much of a problem, plus you got the chance of hooking a carp (or a sucker) when using the good baits and fishing the right water
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I used to do it every summer back in high school when I lived up in washington. It used to be $3 for every fish over 8". Then after you caught a certain amount of fish the dollar amount moved up to $5 per fish If I remember right. I think the most I made was just under $100 for the season. But there are some people out there that are real serious about fishing them. I can remember one time when I was checking in my fish to the fish & game person (because they keep track of how many fish your catching) a person came in off a boat, and they had a whole cooler full of those things. I typically just used worms, but I asked the lady what she was using and she said chicken livers. After that I would switch back and forth from worms and chicken livers. I can remember catching the bigger ones off of the livers. It's actually a lot of fun to do if you have the time, and can make a bit of cash doing it.
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