Spring Salmon run

chia chad
I've been digging around on the forum to get info, but am having a tough time piecing it all together. I've invited my dad to come out for the spring salmon run. I'm pretty new to fishing out here (grew up in MN) so my knowledge of when, where and which guides service which rivers, etc, is pretty limited. I'd like to spend a long weekend, maybe stay in a cabin on a river. I live in Portland and don't mind driving a coupla-few hours.

Any suggestions you might have would be welcomed. Thanks y'all.
You want to fish the columbia. I am gonna head up to portland and fish it in march until april right below I-5 but i bet the run starts earlier. also you can head down river and fish earlier as well. like the buoy 10 fishery. not sure about guides though but i can do a "guided" trip if you pay for me to come up there and buy the beer. lots of guides to choose from.
I'll bet we'll begin to hear of some early Springers beginning to show up in the next few weeks. As Thuggin said typically March and April are the peak months closer to PDX proper. If you looking for a Columbia river guide I'd recommend contacting Mike Ryther of Captain Action Guide Service 503 481-2357.

Andy plz don't take this wrong, it's not wise and perhaps illegal to offer (or elude too) guided trips unless your licensed and certified as a professional guide. I'm sure it's just a matter of verbage. If you were to offer a open seat on a boat, which your skippering; It's a lot different than proposing to guide a trip.

County River Patrols keep an eye out for opportunities to write BOII's, if they catch ya drinking..... Just sayin'
The Willamette Springers is a good batch to target... not to difficult to get into fish. Guides are pretty easy to find, I couldnt tell ya whos the ONE go-to though, I havent needed/wanted one yet.

Good luck and get ready for some good eats!!
When i say "guided" I mean in my boat with my gear and my captaining. I just happen to have extra gear for others to use. yeah can only have few on the water these days.
chia chad
good info

good info

thanks for the responses, guys. born and raised in mn, you just drop a line in the water with nearly anything on it (night crawler, leech, cheese, slim jim, corn, you name it) and you're fishing. I appreciate the tips!
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