Spring is finally showing at Lookout Point

Hit Lookout Point today.

Caught a good number of smallmouth, couple of them looked post spawn, many still had fat egg bellies.

Caught a pair of crappie in 10-15ft of water. Both filled with eggs. 10 days ago all the crappie seemed to be bunched up 45ft or so down. Many still there, but at least some are coming up.

Seen water temps in the 60's finally. Also need sunscreen and a good hat now.
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I don't know how I feel about these drawdowns. Don't have a feel for how much the drawdowns improve smolt survival/passthrough or if that's even a major contributor to the salmon issues. Issues too complex and everything helps, but my gut is adult salmon predation and poor spawning habitat probably more impactful areas to address.
Longterm probably not great for everything else in the reservoir. BUT, this fall in the first year of the drawdown there might be an interesting Opportunity for robust kayak fisher peoples to lug their rigs down to the reservoir and take advantage of some concentrated fish before their numbers start to dwindle.

Umpqua finally looks to be settling down, right be time to get down there and get some of that smallmouth action.
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