Sportsmans show!!!!!!!

Hey i was just seeing if anyone knows of any good deals up at the show this next week. Maybe let people know of great buys that youve made in the past or ones that you know of for the show this year.

Good fishin, stiktime
The Nothing
I can tell you there wasn't any crazy deals at the PacNW Sportsmen's show in Puyallup last week...
was told not to many great sales this year.... but then agen what do i know lol
Troutier Bassier
Bobs is my favorite store there. Super Cheap,.
I think it depends on what your looking for. There are usually deals on rods and tackle of all kinds. I think it's a matter knowing the prices of the gear you normally buy or if you are looking for a particular item. I always hit Bob's and Fisherman's. Last year I picked up a spinner maker for $10 or $15 off regular price and also found a good deals on blades. Don't expect 50% off or anything like that tho.

I go every year and seem to always come home with stuff. :rolleyes:
Its been a couple years since I was there, but if Jim Teeney (or is it Feeney, I can't ever remember) is there and you are interested in fly fishing, his presentations are incredible. He showed me a whole new way to go about fly fishing. What that guy did with a fly rod was magic.
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