Spinnerbaits the first run

This is my first run at ever attempting to make a lure for Bass. I was unsure if I had the ratios correct (i.e. length of the spinner wire in relation to distance form the Jig)

Shortly after twisting the first one last night , I raced out to the backyard pond to test the action.

I was amazed at how well it worked. The larger Cascade (#3) blade humms along while the #2 Colorados turned very smoothly along the wire w/o effecting one another.

Actually looks like small fish running with the jig unit.

While both blades qualify as medium water blades I was quite impressed at how slowly a retrieve it took to maintain the spinning action.

I jigged the heck out of it breaking the surface tension, letting it dive and then retrieving it back to the surface again... The action was spot on!

All that awaits are field trials.....

The first two created


A group shot including "The Egg Pooping Leach" (EPL) in a spinner bait configuration using my personal fav half painted french blade.


Since I am sooooo new to Bass fishing I was unsure of the "best" jig configuration so I opted to make it so I could change out the jig part.

I used the lower sleeve portion from Blue Foxes I took apart some time ago. It works quite well as a wire lock keeping the jig snugly fixed into position.

I have a feeling this might be a killer Koke set up too.....
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Those are great! Im sure they will catch a bass. The part that is kinda weird is that you have 3 blades... :shock: Normally, they have one or two. Take the blade in the middle out, give the others some more room. Otherwise, they are great!
Some of the fancier BooYahs have up to 4 blades. Because I am using much smaller colos instead of Willows I fingered that the more the better...?

My only consern is that the Cascades might smack the bass on the kisser; like what happens on inline spinners when the blade is too close to the hook.

I am new to this, the refinements are sure to come.
Ya know, I actually use a black and red steelhead jig, and a spinner blade mounted with a clevis on a short double-eyed piece of wire run 10-12 inches above the jig, and finished with a custom "Dodger" that I made in High School as a troll rig for Kokanee. I have caught Kokes on Beer Cans, with a trailing, Cheeto'd hook. But the jig setup murded spawning Kokanee in the Metolius arm of LBC, when they actually come up from super depths where I would normally use more traditional methods, but right now the Kokes are in spawn mode, so hit it before it is too late.
If one where going to target Kokes w/ this type of set up would you suggest adding a hook to the back end of the tail blade? (last blade in the rigging)

I've used triple teasers, & pop gear, but with so much "action" in such close proximity to the "bait/ lure" having more hooks to chew in the general might be nessary.....

This spinner stuff is such a Hoot!
It probably wouldn't hurt to have a trailer hook about an inch or so back from your last blade. Just to make sure that strikes to the flashy stuff result in a hook up too. Your belly boat is perfect for Kokanee trollin. The slower the better, as I have had the best luck out of my 'toon...with no motor. The slow row is crush city for Kokanee, they must like to really look at your stuff before they decide to smash it.
Troutier Bassier
Egg Poopin Leach. Sounds like a good Carp Fly. ;)

N.E.Ways, You should put on a Steelhead Jig for the Body, Honestly, I think Marabou or Rabbit fur looks better in the Water then Plastic Threads.

and have you ever tried making Musky Spinners?
Im gonna try to get a house in Northern WA and make my own Musky Spinners.

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