Spey rod day Dodge to Dabney

About three years ago I got into spey rod fishing. I put up my drift rod, spinning set up and float rigs. I figured the only way to get the spey system down was to fish with the spey rod until I could catch steelhead consistently. I'm still looking for that first fish on a spey rod. Two years ago I decided to go with a guide. This guide is well respected and a good guy to boot. I figured I'd learn something and maybe get into some fish. I figure it's the guides job to help you do that but there is no gaurantee, it's not there job to put a fish on your hook. Well that's what happened no fish on the hook the entire trip.

Back to the river I go for two more years of I'm going to do this or die trying. I know how to read water. I've got the basics down with the spey rod except the part where you hook the steelhead.

After two more year of no fish on the spey rod I decided it's time to go with the best fly guide outfit on the Sandy River. I know these guys catch fish and they are good people too. I sign up for a class on catching steelhead with the spey rod. I know that my chances of landing a fish with these folks is more than good. We set out from Dodge Park one guide to two clients per boat. We drift from Dodge to Danbney with not so much as a bump on the line. ( One of the other boats did land a native.)

The guide I am with is trying everything he can to get us into a fish. I will say there isn't anything he doesn't know about fly fishing and spey rods. The guy is great at casting and he know the water. I would go fish with him again anywhere. I like enthusiastic guides. Somedays those fish just don't want to cooperate, it has nothing to do with the guide. The trip did confirm two things. It's not just me and I do have the basics down so I figure it was well worth the trip.

I'll be back at it after the weekend passes. The only thing I might need to change is rivers. I'll hook a fish on that rod some day soon.;)
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Throbbit _Shane
Come down to the rogue. I'm sure you'll get into one!
They`re startin show purty good there now. Yer time is coming.....
Just got my first steelhead ever on my Spey rod this past Friday at Oxbow. Been at it for good chunk of time before I caught one. Switched to my spey rod at the end of last winter season after going at it with my single hand rod for a good 2-3 years with no success and shoulder issues from basketball becoming at issue. It will come if you put the time in and start getting really dialed in and slowing down the presentation.
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Good luck to you, im working on it too, except for only a few months, so looks like i got a year or two to put in before i catch one on the fly.
I'll be back at it soon. I'm not stopping until I bring one to the beach. Redhawk we came through Oxbow just after 2pm and fished part of it on our way to Dabney. We may have passed by you. Congratulation of your first spey rod fish. Now there is some inspiration.
Troutier Bassier
Spey is the best. When I'm older I'll definetly be getting a spey rod.
Were you in one of the two rafts that were on opposite sides of the river by the group campsite. There were four spey people in the water on that run two on each side of the river right around 2:00ish. I waited to see if there was going to be a chance of me jumping in on the run above and fish down but I had to get back to my house to watch hoops so I ended up not fishing at all that stretch. When I left another person had gotten in at the bottom of the run to make 5 on the same run. Crazy to see 5 on that one run and I didn't feel there was enough room between anyone to join the fun.
Not us we didn't get to Oxbow until just after 2pm by Gordon Creek. We stopped there for lunch then moved on down the river after three. We didn't get to Dabney until after 6:00. I did see quite a few spey guys on the river.
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