Some recent carp outings

john montana
Been out a few times this spring with the kids and my dad (visiting from Montana.). The water is still cold but the kids are having a great time catching some fish. I am not much of a spin fisherman and just keep it simple with some corn on a hook but it works well enough to keep the kids entertained:


Took the kids three times and we caught fish each time. Today they caught 8 fish and had a blast. No big ones but the kids don't really care. They love fighting the fish and usually fight over who gets to use the net!

Also went out with my dad and my old coach from high school and we had a great couple of days. Everyone caught a few nice carp on the fly. Julio landed an 18 lber, my dad got a 20 lber and I ended the trip with this monster 25 lber caught on a carp wooley:


I am eager for some warm weather to get the carp more active and get them fighting harder! Hope everyone is catching fish!
If you don't mind me asking, what body water is that with all those carp?
Throbbit _Shane
thats a giant carp. nice job !!! :D
Holy Carp ! Thats a big carp and would be fun to catch but not sure what I would do with it.
wow, thats a fatty, nice work on gettin the kids into fish
Wow! That's a beautiful fish! Nice job!
Carptastic!!!! I bet that was an awesome fight. great job and great pics. as well:clap:
Hey thats a big carp, way to go. Good job taking the kids out to have some fishing fun.
john montana
Thanks guys. The kids love to fish. I am eager to put fly rods in there hands and stalk some flats!
Go fish Blue Lake for carp! A zillion of them there! Jumping everywhere and stuff.
How do you rig up for carp? Never gone after them.
john montana
I fly fish for them using various nymph patterns. You sight fish for them in shallow water with a fly rod.
twenty-two or a bow........never actually tried fishing for them
Hick, you live up to your name... Haha
Kodiak, I got a friend back home who mink hunts that way!
Montana, 6wt? What part me Montana you from?
Kodiak said:
I personally use a pichfork.

Oh ya, I never did mention the best way to harvest salmon when they're rollin in thick, but you beat me to it.

Bass and Salmon make great crab bait, Trout makes good Sturgeon Bait
OMG nice. Some really nasty huge carp there.
That's a nice carp. I use to do a lot of carpen & caten back in PA. There's nothing like a monster carp or channel cat that wants to fight. Last summer was my first season out here and I didn't get any carp but I did catch a nice cat at the end of my season.
Troutier Bassier
Salish Ponds
Blue Lake
Colombia Slough
Colombia River
(almost) Fairview lake.

Those are place's where I've caught 'em on fly.

If a 13 year old can do it,, So can you.
I didn't know they had carp in salish ponds, are they in the east or west pond?
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