Siletz report Dec. 10


Went to the Siletz today with my dad and brother. We were at the first hole my dad wanted to fish first (about 2 miles above Moonshine) at a quarter to 7. We were tied up with different color combos or corkies and yarn with a 1/0 hook and eggs. Some casts with eggs, some without. The eggs we got were pretty old and didn't stay on well so we had to conserve. This was the first steelhead trip for both my brother and I, and my dad's first trip in 10 years, and 20 years since he fished it hard.

We started covering the hole and didn't have any action. The water was gin clear and kinda low, but it was still fishable. I saw a big ol' 3-foot spawned out turd Chinook swim through the hole and caught a glimpse of what I assume was a steelhead on the other side of the hole, but it didn't stick around.

Then we moved down river a little bit and fished another hole, but it was pretty snaggy and it could have used another foot or two of water.

After that we went up to the series of holes below the deadline and covered about a mile of bank up and down. No fish seen and no bites. The holes were very fishable at the current water level and looked really good. My dad said he usually caught one within three casts and I can see why.

We saw two other guys fishing.

Although there are some fish in the river there aren't many. I'd say if you really want to get out and fish go for it, just don't get your hopes up. Or go somewhere else until the run gets going good.

Check back in a month.

(By the way Ryan, the pole casted really well, and was very sensitive.) :lol:


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With water this low and clear you might want to down size your hooks. Probably your leader size too if it matched your hook size. The Siletz is a beautiful river for sure!


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Oy ,all right,got a nice bright fish(steel) below the (a) bridge today,bobber and jig.Talked to a guy that got one below a different bridge, today. There are winters present,for those willing to fish the extra mile.Otherwise wait till it rains, and the meat holes will produce some fish.PNW sam,you guys in the blue dodge truck?


nice report. LOL@ 3ft long turd chinook
Haha, it was big and nasty, looked like a swimming turd for sure.

And we were in a green Dodge pickup (it's kind of a green color with a little blue, but more on the green side). Were you in a white Subaru?
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