Setup for shad

For those of you thinking about going for shad after Springer season here's a typical rig to use. Make sure you make a loop at the end of the lead line to be able to change out weights. Make lead line out of lighter mono so it will break first if you get hung up on the bottom. You can substitute wire spreaders for the tri- swivels if you like. If you're on the bank just cast in and get the rig on the bottom and wait. From a boat (my personal favorite way), anchor up and drop the line down to the bottom. Then you need to walk the line down stream. Raise the rod and let out more line until it hits the bottom again. Do this until you can't walk it down anymore and you're set! OH one more thing, make sure you add a drop of herring or sardine oil to the jig or lure.:)
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Great Rig! Thank you for Sharing!
I tried for shad from the bank at Clackamette Park last year and lost more tackle in a single session than I have ever lost in an outing. That got me to thinking about just rigging up like I do for steelhead, with a slip-bobber but with a shad-dart instead of a jig (I know a dart is a jig, but you know what I mean). Does that sound like crazy talk, or might it have a chance?
I don't think a bobber will work... well I've never seen anyone out of the 100000000000² people that fish for shad at Bonneville/Clackamette use one. If you are snagging that much, less weight?
Does anybody know if shad fishing is any good on willammette at downtown portland/waterfront? How about at rooster rock park? Thanks.
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