So I'm basically a normal human, don't get scared much, not jumpy, rather even keeled. Most of the time mellow and go with the flow. But, hard as it is to admit, I do believe this one scared me. What I saw in the water, and what I 'thought' I hooked was very much different than what turned and ran at me and then jumped. I do believe I said, o' ...., and backed up when I saw him coming. For my second steelhead, this one was a tad bit bigger than anything I was expecting. You can bet I'll be ready next time!!! And by the way, I didn't know it was this much fun.

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Nice fish!
Nice fish!!! sure is fan the bigger the better!!! ohhh and i think is time to change your name!! ;)
I'd change it if someone could tell me how!!!
Wow. That one may have freaked the you know what out of me too!

(If you PM Anatoliy, he can probably help you change your moniker)
Damn bro.. that's a biggin!
rippin fish lips
Nice fish bro!!
Nice fish indeed! Always nice to be surprised by a bigger fish than you expect. Rivers are closed here now but I know a lot of water that looks like that.
My bro moved to the Seattle area and is practically dying. All the waters are closed and he is so bummed. I hear there is a huge pink run this fall and I'll be up there fishing for those with him then.
wow nice fish man
Oh i think he likes you...Nice fish.
That, Sir, is one fine looking steelhead. You should change your name to skunknomore. Steve
Throbbit _Shane
awesome fish!!! way to go :D
You lucky dog! That is one BEAUTIFUL looking fish my friend. Keep it up. can't wait till I can target some of those one day :)
Nice fish!! :clap:
That really is a beautiful little trout! LOL

Wow, I am soooo ready to fish again. I think I'll get my chores done today so I can go tomorrow.

That run looks familiar only last time I was there it was raining and the river was a foot or more higher.

Way to go!
Clack? I have been watiing to fish, messed up my shoulder so i can't for a while
if you dont mind me asking, what river? and it looked like a beatiful day !
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