Salmon rod questions

We have never fished Salmon before and are looking for some advice on rods and reels.

Do you prefer baitcasting or spinning rods for drifting roe and spinners? We plan on fishing medium size rivers like the Sandy etc.

I can fish with either, my Wife will need a spinning rod until she can learn how to fish a baitcaster. Would a Shimano Stradic in the 4000 size be big enough for Coho's and Nooks?

Is there a rod we can fish bait and lures with so we wont need two rods right off the bat? What line size rating would you recommend for a salmon rod?

Thanks in advance.
It's going to depend a lot on what you're going for and where. I personally prefer a minimum of an 8'6 rod with a spinning reel. For line I like to keep it at a minimum of 15lb for Chinook and 12 lb for coho. But that's just me and I'm sure that there will be plenty of people in line behind me to tell you thier opinions. I feel that you can use the same rod for float, drift and lure fishing if it's done right and you know how to tie your knots fast enough if you haven't pre-tied your gear.
i use al 9'6" to 10'6" rods spinning reels shimono semitry 2500 casting curado 201e7 as far as line choise that manly depends on how you are fishing say bobber and eggs for coho i use a 10' 10'6" 6-10 spinning rod same as my bobber and jig rod with 14 # fire line in hi vise yellow with a 12 pound ulra grean leader. but for nooks i use a 10'6" 12-25 with 65 pound power pro line and 20 to 40 pound leaders depending if they are inland springer (portland area) or fallies on the caost for drift fishing i like 9'6" casting rod with a 6-15 line rating or a 10' rods in a 12-25 i use the 9'6" for coho and springers or steelhead with ether 10 or 12 pound main for fallies on the coast i use the 10' with 17 pound mono for main but those are big fish for springs and coho i use the same gear as i do for steelhead but for fallies i go a little bit bigger with my gear they are a bigger and much harder fighting fish not to say you could not do it with liter gear but not all the fall nooks you cauch are good table far and if they are going to be released i like to get them to the bank and let them free with as little stress as posible because i want less stress on the fish i hope this helps thanks dan
Hey ex, keep it simple if your just gettin' started.I've seen people use trout rods and ten pound line for nooks for a long time. You should run heavier though just to give yourself a little more edge bein' new.When runnin' mono on a spinning reel you need to run lighter line so you can cast without it spooling off on ya.20# max.The thing is to get out and start doing it and you'll get it.Pay attention to other people and don't stop asking questions.Good luck and FISHON.:D :D :D
For an entry level, all around bait cast rig I would run a 9ft ww grigg, 10-20 lb line rating with an abu 6501 c3. For chinook I run a minimum 20# main line, coho and winter steelies 12#, summer steelies 8-10#.

For a good all around spining rod set up I would look for 8' to 8'6" in the same line rating as above, just shorter to give your wife a little more control. As far as brand goes try grigg, shimano, and if you feel like spending a little more money lamiglass makes a decent one that can be had on sale for significantly less on occasion. Fishing salmon and steelhead can be frustrating at times, so I wouldn't put too much money into it until you know you will be sticking with it.

Almost forgot, I run almost exclusively maxima ultra green, Over years of fishing it seams yo hold up better than anything, and won't spook line shy fish like braid IMO.
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Thanks for all the feedback. We have a couple Shimano Cennan's 9' 6" spinning rods rated 4-8 and even though they could handle 12 lb line I think they may just be on the light side for Salmon rods. They are more suited to Steelhead fishing.

I'll be keeping an eye out for some good deals on some Lamiglas rods. I wish I could have made the factory sale.

Don't worry about us giving up before we get over the learning curve. Kodiak I sent an email to you on your site looking for some info on your spinning lures.

I'll try a PM here.
the shimano rods are fine for anything you will run into on the sandy (my home river) . spool up them reels with some 12/14 # braid (14#) just for a bit exyra edge . the diamiter is so small it will feel a little different , but its tough stuff , and plenty heavy . get the bobber fishing down with those rods . for drifting , in my opinion , you cannot buy a better rod than the lamiglas G-1000 series . 8.6ft , 12# line rating , medium . pair it with a citica , some 14# braid , and your set for the sandy or clack . your current rods are just fine , the reels are fine , now get out there and fish ! ! ! STEELIES ARE IN ! ! ! see ya on the river , pm me if ya want to hook up some day on the sandy , i will give you my pointers on hookin some fish .

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