Salmon River or Siletz River... what would you do?

I'm in Lincoln City for the weekend and I get to do some bank/wading fishing tomorrow morning. Trying to decide between the Salmon River (below the 101 bridge I guess... never been) and the Siletz (also never been). I want to try somewhere new but also would like a good shot at getting into some Salmon. Where would you go? I've heard the Salmon River gets pretty crowded and I don't do well fishing shoulder-to-shoulder. I like trees and vegetation and serenity. Any advice?


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I would hit the siletz.Morgan park and down for nooks and coho.Go up into the gorge for summer steel.Thats where I will be at dawn:D
I would definitley hit the Siletz. Tha Salmon will be packed and you'll have to be shoulder to shoulder if you want to be where the fish are. The Siletz has tons of places you'll have all to your self.


anit no fish in the siletz salmon river is the place to be
I did both. Lack of bank access on the lower Siletz made me come back and I hit the Salmon under the 101. While there was certainly a fair amount of folks there, it wasn't as "shoulder to shoulder" as I had feared. So, good times. Everyone I talked to on the Siletz hadn't caught or seen any fish. One guy on the Salmon said he saw a few fish caught up river (which I'm assuming means up towards the hatchery) and there were plenty of fish to be seen. Nobody got into any while I was there, but, I was only there for an hour or two.

Thanks for the suggestions guys.