Sad day for the Crooked

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Looks like they cut the flows. Does anyone know what this will do to the fish population, or what long term plans are?

Anyone make it out there to see it firsthand?

Sad day.
Here is what is going on. Usually after irrigation season they cut the flow to 50 CFS. There is not enough water to get to 50 cfs and maintain it at that level.

"Prior to the construction of Bowman Dam in 1961, the Crooked River would commonly fall to around 10 cfs or lower by late summer, according to Kyle Gorman, region manager for the Oregon Water Resources Department. But since the construction of the dam, the river had never before fallen to 10 cfs in September." Interesting.

Let's hope for some rain!
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I guess saving water is more important than preserving redband and juvenile summer steelhead populations…
I have worked first hand with the BOR when I worked with ODFW and their primary purpose and concern is irrigation. Fish are just in their way
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I appreciate the comments, and personally I tend to align with the belief that had this been managed for the ecology of the river different choices would have been made.

That said, my questions still stand:
- how does this impact the longer term outlook of the fish population?
- anyone make it out there to see what it’s like?
I have been out to the reservoir but not the river. The fish in the reservoir have been decimated due to low water levels. The reservoir is only at 12% of normal. The water coming into via the Crooked River is a trickle. This a result of the drought. Low snowpack in the Ochoco and Maury Mountains for the last couple of years has taken a toll. The question is how much water is flowing into the reservoir given the river up stream is hardly flowing. I hope they have enough water in the reservoir to at least maintain the historic pre dam levels, because I doubt there is 10 cfs coming in. Ochoco reservoir is at 0% capacity. Things are not looking good.
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