S. Santiam

First off let me say, I typically won't pull a fish out of water if I plan on releasing it. I was by myself and had to snap a photo of this guy. Took me by surprise, I have always been under the assumption that the S. Santiam doesn't have any native Rainbows in it. First I thought I was hooked into a big cutthroat or a small winter Steelhead. Then I pulled this beauty in right at 20 inches.


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Really nice fish. I was under the assumption both Santiamshave native rainbows just like the willamette and McKenzie. I’ve caught them out of the north Santiam at least.
Thanks Brandon, I've caught native trout on the North only Cutthroat on the South until the other day and I'm a terrible fly fisherman I live only about 40 minutes from the Mckenzie and never fished it nor the Willamette


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Get a rubber net, makes it easier on the fish and gives good pics still. Feel free to look at my post as I fly fish by myself a lot and have caught several large trophy size trout (one of those wss from yesterday)
I don't know what it is but I tend to catch large fish on my single hand 4wt so often


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troutdude for whatever reason it rotated the photo. It's kind of hard to see either way, it's definitely a native fish though.

I was mainly out on the water to get some casting in. I had developed an open loop I was attempting to tighten up. I've never been a great caster, I'm only good to anything up to about 75'. Which is fine that's a very fishable distance. While at the river I noticed my forward stroke was too long. Hopefully this will help me fight through some of this afternoon wind.