Rubber nets?

dude young
Do any of you use rubber nets for salmon/steelhead? I have always used one for trout and the land-locked salmon we had back east, but, the net I have is kinda small-ish and I need to buy a new net. I like the fact that they resist hooks, so your gear is back in the water faster, and they protect fish to be released.

Thoughts? Opinions? Experiences...

dude young
So, that's a -1 for the rubber net. Next?
Like Kodiak said, usually you know. When it comes to useability for boat fishing, the rubber nets really suck. The drag/resistance they have when you swipe them through the water is rediculous and to me, makes them useless.
i have a rubber net it was the worst waste of money i have ever spent in my entire life i bought it so my hooks wouldnt get hung up in it i would rather cut my plug off and throw it down river after every fish then use that rubber net i landed probably 40 fish this winter in that net i never once got one on the first swipe now nobody sucks that bad i wont even sell it dont want bad karma!
dude young
WOW! Not the most glowing review. Okay, **let's set up a poll before we cast** Rubber, out.

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So that's it? Thread is over? Should have set up a pole:D
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