Round Butte Easter weekend

trying to target Kokanee up the meticulous arm this weekend. What should I troll? Jig? Thank you in advance as I would really like to get the smell of skunk off my rod after last weekend at prineville res.
GoDux1477;n603390 said:
trying to target Kokanee up the meticulous arm this weekend.

Well it is, kind of meticulous! Gotta love spell check! LOL
Why Kokanee? This is a trophy bull trout fishery. Your looking at 9in. dinky Kokanee at LBC. Troll for Bulls! Then before you leave if ya just gotta have some tiny kokes, set the riggers at 70 ft with a dodger and spinner.
Lol. Metolius! Bill thus lies my problem as I do not have downriggers.
I've been catching kokes jigging between 30 and 60 ft. I've also caught some bulls trolling with long lines, 80-120 feet at 2.5-3.5mph with plugs. I would like to have slowed down some, but its a new boat and trolling motor is not mounted yet. But Bulls sometimes hit fast moving plugs. From the dam up just past Three Rivers.
A good setup for catching kokanee is a wedding ring behind flashers with a piece of white corn. For me the best color seems to be the orange and white wedding rings trolling about 1mph. And don’t forget to use a snubber.

Good luck and have fun!
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