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Hi everyone,

I recently (2019) moved to Hillsboro from CA and am looking to explore all the fantastic rivers and fishing opportunities that the PNW has to offer.

As such I need to go buy some salmon/steelhead gear. I got reels (Okuma Trio BF-40 for drifting and Penn Fierce III for spinning). Next up I need to get some roads. So here's where I need some help.

What should I be looking for in terms of length/action for drifting and spinning?

My research indicates that for:
drift: 9'6" to 10'6" medium/heavy fast action road
spinning: 9' t 9'6" medium fast action road

Yes/no? Something else?
Any brand recommendations? My budget is probably no more than about $250ish per road

Thank for all the help and looking forward to meeting some of you at some point in the river!

Stay safe and stay healthy!


I've liked using GLoomis rods in drifting-IMX Steelhead Drift, E6X Steelhead (E6X 1084-2S STR).

Would you be using the spinning rod as a float rod or for spinners/spoons?


I’m not 100% sure about float rods but for spinning the lamiglas inifintity series is very nice. I bet their float rods in that series are good too


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For a steelhead float rod I use the Okuma Guide Select Pro GSP-S-992ML and really like this rod. I've used it for coho as well and it has handled them just fine as well............


any recommendations on stiffness/action? I read that for drift I want a longer and stiffer road (10’+ and fast action) and for spinning somewhat shorter, may be a 9’ and medium action?


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9 1/2 ft. 6 to 15 lb. line rod will cover 95% of the steelhead needs, all presentations. Lamiglas X-11 is a good start, LX96MS spinning rod. For your salmon rod, since it's also a spinning reel, the Lamiglas Redline HS 94 HS, it uses the same exact blank as the much more expensive XXC 934 rods which are probably the most used salmon rods out there.
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