Road trip weekend?


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Based out of Springfeild, thinking about taking a big loop 6/22 and 6/23. Camping somewhere along Elkton or Florence depending on the fishing.

I've been to Dorena and Florence but that's it, and mostly cold weather.

Probably just a hammock, snacks, and buying meals. Really need a boat or a yak, I'll be bank burning anything I can see.

Any thoughts?

Smallmouth is the main target, Largemouth and Surf Perch would be awesome.

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When you get to Reedsport, dodge south a few miles to Winchester Bay and go to the Stockade Market and pick up some of Pete Heley's fishing guides for the area such as "Reedsport Area Fishing Maps". Maybe Pete will be working and he will give you the info in person. His little booklets cover even the obscure little coastal lakes you would not think of.


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Fished Cottage Grove Lake for maybe an hour with no luck. Wind was ripping

Headed to Umpqua and fished under this bridge for 2 hours and caught at least 2 dozen smallmouth, what a great fight, they are extremely similar to black/mangrove snapper down in Florida. Lost one really nice one, fought it for awhile and she came unhooked about 3' away.

Wasn't watching the tides and got trapped on a rock outcrop, ended up having to Wade back to shore

Real nasty accident about a mile West, upside down gmc 2500 it looked like, everyone was okay but it was between 2 blind corners, can't imagine there wasn't another accident out there with traffic one way and stopped

Drove to Florence and got skunked in the surf, had to jump up to 4oz, gave it 2 hours with no hits or anything, headed back to Eugene now, might see if there's an sloughs