Right...It's called fishing....

Today was a day just like any other...No it wasn't; I spent sometime a'chasin the chrome on our beloved Sandy.

As with most of you kind and genteel fisherfolk, time spent fishing in an of itself; is a time to recharge ones batteries. Slow down a bit and enjoy the offerings of nature, and of course to catch a fin clipped Steelhead.

So good readers, our bucolic stage is set.

The truth of the matter eludes us all. That being said, and four hours later...

Zip; zilch, zero...nada. :mad::mad:

The flyby from a local Bald Eagle was the only thing of note.

Til next time...Tight Lines and Bright Fish
I think that Eagle has put the skunk on that stretch of river it's where we saw them before. Are they still nesting up in that tree?

Too bad you didn't catch anything, but it's never a bad place to spend the day.
We have a lot of that over the Molalla River, Eagles, Ospreys, Kingfishers. doesn't seem to matter what time of year, if those birds are flying over the river (they zig zag back and forth) they are most probably looking for fish.
Then, when our intended prey sees them, all the fish disapear into as deep a cover as they can find.
Ho Hum.. nature in action, but thats why we are out on the water..
Not to worry Scotsman70 your not alone on the fish count. I've hit the Sandy the last three days. The only thing I noticed is the water gets lower, more clear, and colder each day. At least the wind picked up a bit more today to make for perfect fishing conditions.;) No complaints from me though. I do enjoy each and every day that I have on the river. I even had Dodge Park all to myself for quite a spell. When I left the place was empty I suppose that is some kind of statement about catching vs fishing conditions.:)
Ive never seen conditions that werent perfect fishing conditions! ;)
halibuthitman said:
Ive never seen conditions that werent perfect fishing conditions! ;)
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