Rigging for Sturgeon


This is how I fish for sturgeon. I run the same setups from the bank as I do from the boat. I might run a splitter instead of a slip weight from the bank, but that's just a minor detail
Sturgeon rigging

Sturgeon rigging

Similar to what I learned and use. I would think with the braided leader you would be losing all your bait every hookset. Not necessarily a bad thing.



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Nice informative video. Now i just need a place to go fishing for sturgeon. :p

One thing that I didn't like was that I really couldn't see how you put the hook through the head of the herring. I dont' know if it's my monitors fault or the background of the video.

Thanks for sharing.


Very nice video! Thank you for providing this. Running water in the background was a good touch, though it makes me feel like I need to pee! :)