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I grew up fishing on my dad's spinning rods and reels. Specifically, the Shimano Spirex RG series. I know Shimano has put out a few different generation of this reel, but they seemed to have discontinued it awhile ago, maybe even a long time ago. For years, I have been able to find replacements on the market, but they are getting harder and harder to find.

The other day I was fishing in the Puget Sound and just throw my rod and reel in the water, not grabbing it tightly enough. No reason, just threw it in... amateur-hour! so frustrated with myself! Now, I'm on the hunt to replace the discontinued and extremely rare Shimano Spirex RG in the 4000 size for the first time in years.

If anyone know where I could find these reels that would be awesome!

But my question is more about comparable reels. The reason I favor these reels are the following:
-high quality
-extremely smooth
-two-sided handle
-reversible handle
-Bail Trigger
-lower/rear/fighting drag

All these feature combined to make the best reel in my opinion (bc i grew up with them).
Realizing that eventually The shimano Spirexes will ALL be gone off the market and used market, does anyone know of another spinning reel that combines ALLL these features? In an available brand or whatever?
Suggestions welcome
The Spirex FG is easy to find if you don't mind the drag being in front instead of the back like the RG.
Spirex FG

The Spirex is a heavy, low end reel. If you want smoothness, step up to a Vanford or Stradic FL and put an aftermarket twin handle on it. Lighter weight, better drag, longer casting. Even the Shimano Nasci at $99 would be a great upgrade.
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Upgrade to a new generation reel, Daiwa or Shimano. I aggree with snopro the Nasci, or even the new Ultegra FC would be a nice upgrade.
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