Razor clamming poll 2011, shovel or gun???????

Hey all you Razor fans out there...whats your preference on havesting your Razors on Clatsop? Are you a digger or a shooter.
Clamable Lecter uses a shovel
Jed Clampit uses a gun
Clammy Davis Junior = Gun

How bout Yall?

Looks like Im headed out this weekend...17th and 18th am looks good..not real low..but -. see you out there.
Im a shovel kind of guy... I am thinking about going Monday, I think I saw Tuesday is good too.
Awww cool man....youll be getting on them first. Let us know how you do if you get to go. Nice Another shovel man. My buddies yell "BOOM" when they see me with my gun. Shovel is probably "better" in some ways ;-)
Bad Tuna
I've done both, but I like to shoot my razors in the surf
Looking like lots of gunners....cool. Im headed out around Sunset Beach Friday am, its not real low, but a small minus. I hope to get our limit, I also prefer to shoot them in the surf. We might drop some rings off of the bridge for Dungys and hope to Surf fish a little either at Sunset or down on the S. end of Seaside by the "cove". Might hit a small lake off of hwy 26 on the way home for some trout. I may try cleaning the clams on the beach and then using the neck tips as bait. Ill provide a report when I get back. Hope to see you out there...BOOM :)
Clamming was slow Friday morning...even the commercial guys were struggeling. I almost got skunked....my buddy got 6. We usually limit out..but it was a slow day for most out there as far as I could tell. Dropped the crab trap off on 12th St. Bridge right before low tide before clamming. Pulled the pot out as we headed back to hwy 26. Had 3 large in, one female, so 2 keepers. Then hit lost lake on the way home caught a few trout. 3 species one day. nice treat...surf fished at sunset..no luck. need 4 species next time. I hope the clams will regroup next low tide :)
Depends on the beach and conditions... mostly I use a gun... some of the ones that hold a little 'heavier' sand or have rocks, then I pull out the shovel. Clatsop Spit can be all done with a gun!
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