Razor clam pasta reduction


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my passion for razor clams is no secret and when people hear how many I dig (just hit 160 so far this year), they often ask: "how many ways do you prepare them?".

well, besides panko breaded strips (that we chill in the freezer for 20 minutes before frying), chowder, dip, or just frying them naked with some bacon ("second breakfast" after a sunrise dig), my other favorite is 'Razor Clam Pasta Reduction': lightly cooking them with shallots, mushrooms, bacon, and fresh pasta, with some dry white wine, garlic, and white vinegar, clam broth, and of course some pepper, white pepper goes in the recipe, Pepper mostly supervises me (and sometimes goes along on razor clam outings)...cheers



Looks good, I'll give it a try. I was just thinking of pulling some clams out to have with pasta. I'll have to use some of the small clams I dug on the northern coast earlier in the year, LOL.
I was in your neck of the woods (Florence to Waldport) during the low tides last week and put considerable effort into finding your clam honey hole and failed miserably. I don't have an awesome clam sniffing dog like you do though. Closest I came was a few razor clam shells washed up on the beach so your secret is safe (for now).
What a week to be exploring though. The weather was perfect. I'm back to sweltering in the mid Columbia heat this week.


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Thanks dude now i'm REALLY hungry ;) looks absolutely delicious! Pretty much the same way we cook it but without the bacon and we cook the pasta separately then add. I like your way better (adding the broth and cooking together) we'll give it a try next time


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quick follow-up- I made "Lingcod Reduction" tonight and it was excellent. I used veggie broth instead of the clam nectar, equal amounts of white wine and white vinegar. cut the lingcod into good sized cubes and salted them for a couple of hours in the fridge, added the lingcod before the pasta (razor clams go in after the pasta cooks), other than that, followed what I did in the video. The lingcod, caught by Pepper and I back on May 29, held up fine, did not break apart during cooking. cheers!

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