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Heading to Prineville for Bass fishing was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for what color of plastics i should be using this time of year. i went in july last year and they were hitting the bitchin claw worms by robo worm . also anyone know if the bass are currently spawning or if there done spawning any and all suggestions are very much appreciated
-good luck, and tight lines -


I think smallmouth are done spawning, largemouth however may be just wrapping up. Dropshotting nearby clifffaces with crayfish softplastics works great in natural colors. In shallower water, a ZMan Finnesse TRD is great in Green Pumkin Orange, The Deal, And Coppertruse work well. But this again, is all for smallmouth.

Don't forget to try the incredible crappie fishery.


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Didn’t do to bad . Caught a very nice smallmouth After 3 days of getting dinks probably about 2+ pounds and the crappie were on fire everyday and we’re huge and perfect for fish tacos . The water level was at a low point of 76 %filled. Second summer in a row it’s benn really low . This is concerning . But overall a great trip .


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Don Fischer

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Wonderful Heard that yesterday and didn't want to believe it. Planned on going this week. How's Ochaco doing? Went earlier this year and could launch but water was well below the dock.It was my fist time there and went for crappie and got some along with some fair bass.