Pontoon the lower Siletz????

Anybody ever do it? I am not talking down by Mo's, more like the Coyote rock area.
Did it a Chinook Bend. Be sure to wash your toon well in fresh water to get rid of as much corrosive effects of the salt. Didn't catch anything, but with the fins on my feet, I planned to stick them pointed out of the water and yell "hit it" if I hooked into a big one. A good tactic might be to let the fish drag you around until it tires out.
Why not? We fish for lake trout up here on Flathead off a pontoon. Sometimes in excess of 200 feet down. They run upwards of 40 lbs.
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Have been itching to make a siuslaw quickfish run on mine , a bit nervous about all that can go on with a fish yarding while navigating ,but figure will just have to take a chance at loosing a couple by leaving the rod locked in till I can get beached then fight it out from there . Still gonna try one of these days!
Lemme know how well you run a qwik or a plug..... Pretty hard to do on a toon. Best method from the toon while drifting is bobber.
Curious if any of you guys run plugs or qwiks from your pontoon?
Dont know of any dangerous rapids down there.. lol.
saw a guy friday fishing outa one
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alseaalumaweld said:
saw a guy friday fishing outa one

Never tried it yet , use to quick fishin out the drift boat . Should be able to do the same with a toon they are just as if not more manuverable and could get by at a lower river level not that youd really want to .
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