Plywood for boat repair?

So my uncle gave me his little 7 foot boat. It needs a new seat and the transom redone. I was wondering if i have to buy marine plywood which is at least 50$ a sheet but i only need at most half a sheet, or could i buy just regular plywood? And does anybody know where i could get marine plywood if thats the one i choose to use? Any information will be appreciated. :think:

Thanks Tyler
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Where do you live. I may be able to help. I am in Eugene Area. Tight Lines, Qwapaw
get regular wood and seal it?
I asked a couple people if i could just seal it but they said it doesn't work as well as marine plywood. I don't want to spend 50 bucks on a sheet when i only need maybe a quarter to a half at most from a sheet.

Qwapaw i live in Aloha.
If your transom is similar to what my ol 12' aluminum boat has, you can scrounge up a piece of 2" doug fir (1 3/4" thick). Put on a sufficient amount of Thompson's Water Sealer. (Let it Dry). Put on sufficient amount of Marine Spar Varnish.

If your talking about the boat bench seat, maybe some home improvement store will sell you a half sheet of lumber core plywood. Or maybe use some 1"x pine or doug fir. Then treat it with the water sealer & Marine Spar varnish.

Best of Luck on your project, Bro. :)
Thanks for the info Hawk! I am probably going to do what you just said. It sounds a lot cheaper. I also have to do a little fiberglassing to.
If your doing some glass work anyway just get some good quality plywood and glass over is once you have it cut to size. I use birch because I like the look of it but also because it is seven ply not five like the cheaper stuff. You can usually get a half sheet or less at Lowes or Home Depot.
i might take your advice on that birch. Im going to have to make a trip out to lowes next week. and is there any type of fiberglass you would recomend?


Any brand will do. I get mine from:

TAP Plastics
15230 SW Sequoia Pkwy.
Tigard, OR 97224

Open: Mon-Fri 8:30 to 6, Sat 9 to 5.

Phone: 503.620.4960
Fax: 503.620.8465
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