Passing of an Icon

Charlie S
I just received word from Jenna McClure, Pete Parker's granddaughter, who accompanied him on many of his trips to various shows around the country. Pete was an exquisit fly tier, a very professional fly fisherman, and an outstanding member of our community. He passed away from what is thought a stroke or heart attack yesterday, January 12th. Pete had been diagnosed with lung cancer but this is not thought to be connected with his passing. Many of you have heard his voice at the western fly fishing venues in the past when he introduced the tiers who went up on stage to display their talents. I have known him for about 30 years now and feel priviledged to call him a friend. Pete will be missed by all of us and no one will fill the void he has left. Semper Fi Pete.
Im sorry to hear of flyfishings great loss.... sounds like you knew him, if you did it is traditional to tie a pattern in his honor, with the materials symbolizing his virtues... if you tie perhaps you could honor him on here with a tribute pattern and tell us about it- Brad
Charlie S
I've been fly fishing for about sixty years now and haven't heard of a tradition of tying a fly to honor another's passing, although I have to admit it is admirable. At the moment I'm just adjusting to not having Pete around. We travelled to many fly fishing venues together, shared experiences, meals, and stories. Pete held, at various times, several world records for fly caught fish. His experience in all types of fly fishing was awe-inspiring and his spirit, friendliness, and willing to help others has been a trademark. I tied flies on stage at his request at the McLaughlin shows, the ISE shows and several others. I would have to think hard and long to develop a fly that would do proper tribute to such a great guy. But I will work on it once I have resolved my personal issues with his passing.
I'm truly sorry to hear of your great personal loss. He sounds like a wonderful man and an amazing friend.
Thank You all for your kind words and rememberances

Thank You all for your kind words and rememberances

My name is Ralph Parker, Pete Parker's son. I am proud to announce that. My father touched so many lives, in so many different ways. Those of you who knew him know, he was a truly remarkable man. As a fisherman, a tyer, a father and a husband. A tenaciously loyal friend, a Marine, a potter, an Outlaw Biker, and as one of his best friends has said, "A John Wayne with the spirit of a poet".

Thank you again for all your kindnesses. For all of us who knew and loved him, he will be missed.
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