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I'm in inner S.E Portland and looking for some nearby spots to chase panfish with flies. Anybody have any ideas? I have fished the willy a bit for panfish but my luck has been not so good. I have pulled a few random bluegill and a couple of crappie out of it in the summer months while fishing for smallies, but it looks unfishable at the moment. High, fast and murky. I have also fished a few of the ponds out towards Gresham that get stocked with trout but have gotten blanked each time out. I grew up in the south where every flooded ditch was full of bluegill and other sunfish and really enjoyed fishing for them. I would like to practice my casting before trout season gets into full swing by going after some panfish but have no idea where to go. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be great. Thanks a ton.
I want to add that I am not looking for anybodys "panfish honey hole" or anything, just somewhere that I may be able to get into a few fish this time of year. I am also curious about favorite panfish patterns. Any ideas?
The little back water on the Clackamas that the Sheriff moors their boat in has panfish and bass - it's sheltered from the wind pretty well. Access via Clackamette Park and walk upstream, you'll see the place.

Across the river, hike down to the water from MS Young Park in West Linn - it's a pretty good hike down from the parking area, mostly on paved trail, but then the trail gives way to a dirt path that pops you out near the rocks. Good smallmouth fishing around there in warmer months. Walk down stream, cross the foot bridge onto Cedar Island, follow the path through the little thicket of woods, and fish the lagoon. LM Bass, SM Bass, crappie, carp, and panfish galore in there.

You might also try driving out into farm country off of HWY 99 toward Canby/Hubbard - and see if you can't sweet talk some land owners into letting you fish their ponds. Lots of ponds visible from the roadways...

Aside from that - I'd wait until the water and the weather warms up a bit, then hit up the Willy's backwaters near Hwy 99, or cross the river and fish the Tualatin.

Panfish will eat just about any fly you throw at them - if you find them in shallow water, my favorite methods are a size 10-12 dry fly - something bushy and high riding - or a size 12 popper. If the fish are holding deeper, micro buggers or traditional, bright colored wets are my favs.
Thanks GungasUncle. You're the best man. Going to try to get into some fish in the A.M. if the weather acts right.
It is a ways to go for you but Hagg Lake out by Forest Grove has pan fish and I've caught them on flies before.
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Next month when the water starts to warm up, go to Salish Ponds, or Blue lake. 40 bluegill a day.
If he wasn't out in deep SE PDX, I would've recommended Hagg ina heart beat - but it's a 40-50 mile drive one way - hence my recommending closer to home places for him. Hagg is my favorite place to hunt panfishies, other than a couple ponds I know of.
sucks you don't live in the valley.. ive had some days where you catch coolers full of bluegill (my dads friend eats them and sometimes we keep a few) it's crazy
Thanks again for all of the tips. Think I am going to have to wait for the weather to warm up a bit more. Landed a few smallies yesterday down by the sellwood bridge but the action was slow slow slow. Going to stick to chasing the elusive steelhead that I have heard so much about but have yet to see until a week or so of good weather rolls through or trout season starts.
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