Oregon fishing industry value

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Hey guys,
I'm doing a speech in school and I choose my Topic as Gillnetting in the Columbia River. And I want to include the total value of the fishing industry in Oregon, if anyone knows..
That and other info would be much appreciated!
jI don't know, but sounds like a cool topic.
Call ODFW. If they don't have the information that you're looking for...I'd bet that they can direct to the right people!

P.S. TB, here's a link that may have some information that you may find useful. There are also some numbers/email addresses of some ODFW peeps at the bottom, that may be a great resource too. I'm sure that they would welcome your calls/emails.

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Great topic, I have done several speeches on Sea Lions at Boneville Dam in High School and College. It's definitely easier to speak about something you actually care about
around 135 million... give or take
and 11o million was produced by native and federal grant dollars
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