Oregon Fishing Club

I was looking into OFC but like others stated there's no recent feedback. The benefits, for me this club fits for many reasons. I have a very good pontoon boat and am going to retire soon so I'm looking to go to places where that type of craft is well adapted to, and this club sounds geared to that. The river access sounds good too as I'm fine with a couple few nice holes and a run or 2 on any given property. I'd go to these places, most certainly.
So, I'm looking for feedback from any members on how these places are at this point in time. Does it live up to the website's descriptions of its properties, lack of crowds and camping? Thanks for any feedback.
It is definitely nice to not have to deal with people, especially on the river side of things if you do any steelhead or salmon fishing. Some of their river locations are good, some not so much. Their ponds have insane amounts of fish in them and you will pretty much always catch fish. My family and I are members because we wanted the river access mostly but we definitely still use the lakes and ponds. I will say that you definitely need to go out and use the places a fair bit to get your money’s worth. Usually you will see one or two other people depending on the property. There’s a lot of times though that there’s nobody else there.
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